The devastation created by Hurricane Ian was shocking to see. This a reminder of how vulnerable we are on the Treasure Coast to the effects of Mother Nature. As a result, emergency preparedness has always been an essential part of Anchor’s care. In fact, at Anchor, hurricane season does not last from June until November; it lasts 12 months a year.

At the start of a care visit, the Anchor nurse will review our emergency management plan requirements with the patient. This includes determining each patient’s plan if an evacuation order is given. We collect patient and family contact numbers and provide a list of items to have available in the event of an emergency. We will also remind patients to pre-register if they plan on using a special needs shelter and also to establish who will take them to the shelter.

Prior to an impending storm, Anchor will contact each patient to confirm their plans and to remind them to have enough medication on hand. If a state of emergency is declared, patients can request an extra 30-day supply of prescription medication.

Once a storm passes and the roads are safe, the Anchor nurses will be back in the community to care for our patients, including those in shelters.

Storms are frightening to weather, but careful planning and preparation are the keys to Anchor protecting their patients and staff.