Home health care is classified as intermittent health care. A home health certification lasts for 60 days. Each one of Anchor’s patients has unique health concerns, and their plan of care is created accordingly. While some of our patients may stay in our care for the full 60 days, others may be discharged earlier. Please know that after 60 days, if the patient still requires home care, the patient can be recertified for an additional 60 days with a doctor’s order.

Your plan of care will be tailored to your individual health care needs. This will determine the types and frequency of services you will receive.

A patient may receive home health services wherever they reside whether that be in their home, a relative’s home, an assisted living facility (ALF), independent living facility (ILF), or a group home.

Patients are classified as homebound if it takes consistent and taxing effort for them to leave their home. For example, they may be dependent on an adaptive device such as a walker or a cane, they may not be able to safely leave their home unassisted, or they may experience shortness of breath upon exertion.
Contrary to how it may seem, patients classified as homebound may leave their home while receiving home health services. They may go to medical appointments, attend religious services, or shop for groceries.

As a trusted leader in home care since 2002, Anchor provides highly skilled and compassionate care which is tailored to provide each patient with the best possible outcome.

A referral for home health services is required from a doctor. This can come from the doctor’s office, or upon discharge from a hospital or skilled nursing facility.

Since Anchor accepts only traditional Medicare (NOT Medicare Replacement, Advantage Plans, or private insurance), the home health benefit is covered by Medicare 100%.

A doctor, social worker, or case manager may recommend a home health agency. Please know it is the patient’s right to choose the agency. Please ask for Anchor Home Health Services by name.